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At BlüMilo
we believe that there is a better way to do food and agriculture. Consumer demand for healthy, nutritious and climate-smart food, fuel, and fiber products is on the rise. Products made with renewable sorghum and millets can improve health outcomes while encouraging valuable markets access for farmers who want to diversify through. regenerative cropping systems.

However, we recognize that markets demand for value-added products made with sorghum and millets must be further developed. Our mission is to grow these markets through advocacy and consumer-focused marketing strategies for these nutritive heritage-grains around the world. 


Nate Blum serves as the Chief Executive Officer of BlüMilo and Sorghum United. Sorghum United is an international NGO serving to advance education and markets development for sorghum and adjacent small grains. He is an expert on grain sorghum production and marketing, with a focus on value-added agriculture processing for sorghum-based products.


Mr. Blum has represented Nebraska producers in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Vietnam, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Jordan, Great Britain, Scotland, Australia, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Nations FAO. He has also worked with international stakeholders in regard to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, hosting an Independent Food Systems Summit (August 2021). Mr. Blum served as the Executive Director of the Nebraska Grain Sorghum Board and the Nebraska Sorghum Producers Association from 2019 to 2023.


Mr. Blum served on the USDA Grains, Feed, and Oilseeds Ag Trade Advisory Committee (ATAC). The ATAC advised trade policy to the office of the US Trade Representative. He is an Alumnus of the University of Nebraska (Class of 2019), the Nebraska Leadership, Education, Agriculture, Development (LEAD) Program (Class XXXVI), and recently served as the Vice president of the Nebraska LEAD Alumni Association.


Mr. Blum received a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Nebraska.. Mr. Blum enjoys volunteering for local non-profits and organizing community events in his free time.

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